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Eugene Vancroft
Diary & Journal

This dream woke me up tonight. I must record it before it disappears. (more…)


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Dear Audience, Fictional or not, we bid you, remain patient. An update is in the works but has been most unfortunately delayed by an event involving the Vatican and a certain fission-based weapon.

On behalf of the Fudgemunch Staff,
Col. Van Croft

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Subject: Lt. Eugene Vancroft
Status: Wounded, on recovery
Date: 13/6/34

A brief report on how I came to travel through Northern Italy in a 1925 Fiat along with Vidar Geiteseng; and, how I made my way to Dixon. Current status of the Vatican and evaluation of my mission there will be published in a later report.


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Fudge Munch! A collection of tall tales and strange stories from the frontier. We will soon begin posting on a weekly basis, supplying you, the reader, with magnificent myths, ample allusions, fantastic fables and long lost legends. Until then,

Dr. Burbanks & Col. Vancroft

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