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I,  Abraham Gagoundeballs regret to inform you all of the death of my dear brother Ahab Gagoundeballs. The former Chief Librarian and most respected soldier was reported K.I.A during a routine mission to the Vatican a few weeks ago. The following statement exists solely to inform you, his dear readers of his passing and also to let you know that I, Abraham Gagoundeballs will be taking his position as Chief Librarian. His position here with Burbanks’ team will also be filled by me. I will try to publish all of his non-classified work for your hopefully educational visit to this site.

Sincerely, Abraham Gagoundeballs.

In loving memory of my dear brother, Ahab Gagoundeballs.

May he rest in piece.


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After a series of painful interviews, I have managed to put together this flawless fable for your enjoyment. I apologise for the lack of ravishing recollections we have experienced over the last couple of months, and even though the update rate is expected to rise somewhat, it is still going to be far below what we are striving to achieve. We apologise for the inconvenience, but then again, when your garden is occupied by savages, what is there to do? (more…)

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As the excellent Mr. Van Croft wrote recently, we have had a slight accident, which unfortunately interfered with our relaying of ghastly gossip. Rest assured however, that we are soon to be completely free of radiation, and as such, posting should soon return to it’s normal, if not steady pace.

As a beginning, I am hereby posting first part of a nauseating narrative retrieved from one of my pasients. Do enjoy it.


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Apparently, the British bureaucracy has been in a slight distress as of late, somehow managing to missend the final part of Hammers’ letter to a dutch sailor whose name need no mention here. I feel pressed to apologize for any inconvenience this wait may have caused for any of you, and I am proud to be able to present to you, the letter in its full, continued and uncensored glory. (more…)

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My name is Burbanks. Head Scientist Burbanks, for those who care about titles. Among other things, I run an asylum for people who have lost their sanity. This can of course happen for a variety of reasons, but the condition of my patients does not come from a chemical abnormality in the brain, or suppressed emotions from their childhood, but rather from the shocking experiences they have made in their –without exceptions, remarkable lives. (more…)

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