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Apparently, the British bureaucracy has been in a slight distress as of late, somehow managing to missend the final part of Hammers’ letter to a dutch sailor whose name need no mention here. I feel pressed to apologize for any inconvenience this wait may have caused for any of you, and I am proud to be able to present to you, the letter in its full, continued and uncensored glory. (more…)


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This little piece of history was something I found tucked into the last pages of a rather advanced book concerning werewolves, particularily the ones surrounding Prague, during one of my numerous raids in the city libaries’ “seldomly-sought-after” section.
Apparently, the infamous legend Ivan Hammer, had in his very short time in Prague, done studies on the werewolves of Prague and their nature, perhaps in his rush he had left this letter where an earlier incident in his life had been written down by what seems like Ivan “the Hammer” himself. I have decided that it would be for the benefit of us all to read this. (more…)

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The Debut

Howdy, the name is Ahab, Ahab Gagoundeballs. Now I know some of you just laughed, don’t, I take it personally. Gagoundeballs is first and fore-most the name that was given to me by my parents, and I love my parents, I really do. Anyway, enough sentimentality. Let me introduce myself properly. As I already said I am Ahab, I am the bookish one of our establishment, I prefer spending my time amidst books, just like the highly respected Mr.Throle I own many thick and leatherbound books, and it is from those that I would like to tell you my stories. (more…)

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